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1. Imported high-speed single-chip microcomputer, precise and intelligent control
2. Three windows (start – real-time – stop) display + output status indicator, free control
3. Automatically judge heating and cooling according to set temperature
4. Setting range is wide -9°C~99°C
5. Used in various space temperature control, water temperature control, incubators, etc.
Weight: 41g
Size: 78*51mm (length*width)
Temperature range: -9°C~99°C
Temperature measurement accuracy: 1°C
Control accuracy: 1°C
Setting range: -9°C~99°C
Refresh frequency: 0.5S
Input power: DC 9V-15V
Environmental requirements: -10°C~60°C, humidity 20%-85%
Measurement input: NTC (3950-10K 1%) waterproof sensor
Output: relay output, capacity 220V 10A / 12V 10A
1. High-temperature start-cooling mode: when setting the start temperature value > stop temperature value, when the detected temperature ≥ the start temperature, the relay is closed and the refrigeration equipment works; When the detected temperature is less than or equal to the stop temperature, the relay is disconnected and the refrigeration equipment stops working.For example: set the start temperature to 30°C, the stop temperature to 25°C, when the detected temperature value ≥ 30°C, the relay is closed, the start indicator (red) is bright; When the detected temperature value ≤ 25°C, the relay is disconnected, stop indication The light (green) is on.
2. Low temperature start-heating mode: set the start temperature value
Start indicator: the START (red) indicator is on, indicating that the relay is closed and the device is working
Stop indicator: the STOP (green) indicator is on, indicating that the relay is off and the equipment has stopped working
Digital tube: The middle red digital tube shows the current detected temperature, the left green digital tube is the setting start temperature, and the right green digital tube is the set stop temperature
Package included:
3 X XH-W1401 intelligent digital display temperature controller

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